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529 Plan Fridays

In February, Tax Partner,  Kate Rooney started sharing insights from one of her presentations on 529 Plans. Previously, Kate had answered, “Should high net-worth individuals consider 529 Plans even if they can afford to cash flow their child’s education?”, “Who are 529 Plans avaiable to?”, and, “What are the limits on 529 Plan distributions prior to college?”. Today, we resume 529 Plan Fridays to provide some additional helpful information.

This week, Kate will answer, “What are some cautionary flags to be aware of with 529 Plans?”


With today’s circumstances, you may have questions about college and education planning. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your advisor with any questions or, email to be connected with the right person to assist you with your needs. To see all of the 529 Plan Fridays posts, click here.

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