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Community Service This Past Fall

This past Fall, we took part in a number of community serving events both in and out of the office. Giving back to communities in need is woven into our fabric at Edelstein and we value our partnership with Building Impact which facilitates the majority of our activities allowing us to continually connect with local organizations.

September: We enjoyed the activity of creating literacy packets for Boston Public School students to encourage reading skills and to provide hands-on opportunities that create excitement around reading.

Also in September, four Edelstein staff members visited the New England Center for Homeless Veterans to serve lunch.  Thank you to Concetta Leo, Carmela Martell, Elizabeth Rubino, and Omar Tejeiro for donating their time.




October: As a favorite activity of our firm, five volunteers served lunch at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in October.  Shout out to Roni Johnson, Kristin Kerrigan, Carmela Martell, David McKay, and Kate Rooney for taking the time to help others.

November: Our group of volunteers made trail mix bags of assorted items to be given to the Pine Street Inn.  Also in November, Edelstein’s Billing Manager Chris Chavez provided facilities set up on Thanksgiving morning at the Pine Street Inn.

December: We donated over 30 gifts to The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program which helps children in need during the holidays.  Thank you to all of our staff members who contributed clothes, books, games, and more to make this a joyful holiday season for the recipients.

Also in December, we made scarves to be provided to the Women’s Lunch Place, which serves around 225 women each day, providing a safe, comfortable daytime shelter to support women who are homeless or low income.











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