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Community Service: What We Were Up To This Winter

We took part in some great service activities this Winter which allowed us to help a variety of communities in need.  These in office events are made possible through our affiliation with Building Impact, an organization we’re proud to work closely with on our service initiatives.

January: We made Valentine’s Day cards for Ethos, which is a non-profit organization serving the elderly and disabled and has for over 40 years. Their mission is to “promote personal well-being, dignity and autonomy through the delivery of high quality, affordable and culturally competent home and community-based care.”




February: We created dog toys out of fleece for PetsEmpower which is a nonprofit that fosters and reunites pets with survivors of Domestic Violence. Their mission is to increase capacity across the United States for short-term pet fostering allowing domestic violence survivors to enter shelters, access services and reunite with their pets.


March: We put together jewelry making kits for women at the Pine Street Inn. These kits were intended to not only provide an activity, but to bring a message of hope. Each kit included a lotus flower charm; the lotus flower is a symbol of hope because they grow directly out of murky waters and produce beautiful white and pink blossoms. The Pine Street Inn serves more than 1,900 women and men daily who are working to transition out of homelessness.

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