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Edelstein Celebrates 50- Our Brand

As we reflect on 50 years, a large piece of our firm’s recent history was undergoing the rebrand process. A brand says a lot about who you are and it’s ever important to differentiate yourself as a firm.  As we approached 2014, it was time to analyze our logo, website, and overall brand in the marketplace.  We not only wanted to have a redesigned website with new colors and an updated logo, we wanted to truly analyze our brand.  With the team of amazing innovators at Clockwork Design Group, we got our rebrand underway.   We interviewed clients and staff to define who we are here at Edelstein.  With a word cloud outlining the key words that match our identity- friendly, creative, trustworthy, responsive, etc.,- we were able to align the colors, font, and messaging that would define us going forward.  It’s exciting to be able to say that our clients and staff helped to shape our new brand.

You may recall our former logo, which was black and blue. But with words like fresh, team work, and accommodating describing our business, it made sense to move to the warmer color pallet.  Orange and yellow was the way to go! We officially launched our new brand in January 2015.  One of the best new features was our easy-to-navigate website including all service areas, industry focuses and in-depth bios of our leadership team members.

We are a growing firm and we wanted our brand to reflect this growth.  We needed to be more modern with our materials and our website.  Also, we were eager for brand and marketing consistency across all facets of our firm and a rebrand was the solution. We created a website committee consisting of staff members and partners which oversaw the process. It was interesting to start with the creation of this “website” committee and ultimately end with a new brand.  As with any change, there was initially some challenging moments, but our staff and clients alike were thrilled with the outcome; the new logo, website and overall brand was an exciting chapter for everyone.

“Our rebrand will continue to help our firm grow and succeed. We’re proud of our updated look and feel,” says Marketing Manager, Casey Blake.

Our logo may have changed over the years and our website may have endured updates, but the makeup of our firm remains the same as it was in 1968; a firm comprised of friendly professionals providing expert guidance to our clients.