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Edelstein Celebrates 50- Our Staff

A key and critical piece to the success of any business is its people.  It’s the people that build and cultivate relationships, create firm culture, generate business and contribute to our firm’s recognition in the marketplace.  At Edelstein, we are beyond fortunate to have a staff full of brand ambassadors, and we have for 50 years. Our founders set the tone for friendly and smart collaboration with both our clients and each other.  The environment of team work is woven into our firm’s fabric and is a top priority.

As we reflect on 50 years of team work, it is imperative that we thank our current staff.  Later this year, we will highlight alumni who made a deep impact on our firm, but today, we would like to take a few moments to recognize our current team members.  “Our staff is the essential ingredient to everything we do at Edelstein.  They are the face of the firm and represent everything that our firm is known for: exceptional client service, teamwork and collaboration, professional excellence, personal satisfaction and growth, and Collegiality,” says Managing Partner, Scott Kaplowitch, who has been with the firm for 25 years.

We are exceptionally proud of our staff, some of which have been with us their entire career, and thank each and every one of you for your dedication to the continued growth of our firm.

In particular, we’d like to recognize staff members who have been with our firm for a decade or more.  We appreciate your continued commitment to Edelstein, then and now.

Michael Antonelli (19 years)

Michael Barbera (10 years)

Washburn Baxter (12 years)

Marc Bello (15 years)

Michael Bisso (10 years)

Eugene Borgonzi (17 years)

Barbara Damon (30 years)

Maureen Doherty (12 years)

Glenn Gates (12 years)

Jonathan Gorski (18 years)

William Healey (30 years)

Denis Higgins (16 years)

Kerry Johnson (24 years)

Roni Johnson (17 years)

Scott Kaplowitch (25 years)

William Mahoney (37 years)

Carmela Martell (15 years)

Greg Rogers (11 years)

Kyle Shukie (11 years)

Christopher Swain (12 years)