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Marc Bello To Be Panelist for COVID-19 Part 2: Lessons learned in Family Law and Our Path Forward

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Business Valuation & Forensic Accounting Partner, Marc Bello, will be a panelist on, ‘COVID-19 Part 2: Lessons learned in Family Law and Our Path Forward’, an event put on by the Social Law Library. Marc will join moderator Matthew Barach, Esq. and others for a short Q & A followed by an all-star Family Law Panel for a fast-paced question and answer discussion on problems created by the Pandemic affecting divorce practice with possible solutions from a diverse and distinguished panel. Opening remarks will be provided by Probate & Family Court Chief Justice John D. Casey.

Topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

  • Marital division, including property valuation,
  • Alimony considerations,
  • Child support and modifications, and
  • Issues pertaining to child custody.

For the full event description click here. Read more about Marc here.

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