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Marc Bello to be Panelist on Town Hall with Family Law Colleagues

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, Business Valuation & Forensic Accounting Partner, Marc Bello, will be a panelist on the Greater Newburyport Bar Association’s Town Hall with Family Law Colleagues. The program will be a hybrid format and held at the Newburyport Screening Room. Topics that will potentially be addressed are:

  • The Intersection of Alimony and Child Support
  • How Does Imputed Normalized Compensation Impact Support
  • What Is the Impact of Valuation Date—What Are the Circumstances That Justify Revising Valuation Date
  • How to Decide When to Do a Business Valuation
  • How to Decide What Type of ADR to Choose
  • What Is the Extent & Limits of Authority for Parenting Coordinators

For event registration information, click here.

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