In the course of doing business, situations arise, opportunities emerge and problems occur that often require information and analysis that are outside the realm of running a business day to day. Privately owned businesses turn to our seasoned professionals to provide trusted advice on a range of complex business and tax issues. For example, we provide start-up assistance to early-stage companies, evaluate the operations and systems of larger, well-established companies, and conduct due diligence on a range of financial transactions and opportunities.

We provide timely, cost-effective advice to help you make sound decisions and achieve your goals.  We help with:

Business Planning

  • Provide start-up assistance
  • Advise on business planning
  • Assess franchise and expansion opportunities
  • Plan for business continuity
  • Plan for business disposition
  • Analyze merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Strategic business planning
  • Benchmarking analysis


  • Assist with loan applications
  • Advise on asset-based financing
  • Advise on venture capital financing
  • Analyze lease vs. buy options
  • Review and analyze corporate debt
  • Assist in corporate debt restructuring

Internal Controls

  • Review and evaluate internal controls
  • Design controls
  • Analyze operations and make recommendations to optimize
  • Review and compare sales and expenses to industry standards

Our team approach, personal manner, breadth of experience in audit, accounting and tax, add up to peace of mind and the confidence to achieve your goals.

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