Throughout the course of business, all owners and executives face opportunities and threats. These challenges need in-depth and objective understanding of their financial aspects to allow sound and confident decision-making and a successful outcome.

Whether you are analyzing the potential sale of your business, defending a law suit, recouping losses resulting from fraud or establishing a stock ownership plan for your employees, these situations involve complex financial and accounting issues that require objective analysis from a third party advisor.

From Divorce to Fraud
No matter what the circumstances, our Edelstein advisors work with you and your attorney to investigate and analyze the facts, plan the best strategic course of action to achieve your goals and then execute the plan each step of the way.

Business Valuation – We help you understand the business value of your intellectual property and business so you can make timely decisions with confidence.

Financial Analysis for Litigation Support – We work with attorneys in cases that involve complex financial and accounting issues.

Forensic Accounting – We work with businesses and their advisors to identify potential fraud and find solutions should fraud occur.


Clients, attorneys and business owners alike gain confidence in their position with Edelstein advisors on their side. They know they are supported by experts who are the leaders in their field, authoring books, teaching accreditation courses and presenting at conferences throughout the U.S. Our highly specialized and accredited advisors offer the most current technical expertise, use the latest appraisal tools and present complex findings in a clear, concise and thorough manner. And most important, they have a long history of helping their clients achieve successful results.

To learn more about how we can help, contact Marc Bello or Jesse Gillett at 617-227-6161.

Additionally, Edelstein is a member of the Financial Consulting Group, North America’s largest Association of Business Valuation and Litigation Service Firms.