Trustees are strategically supported by Edelstein’s thorough consideration of each unique ESOP valuation opportunity. With close attention to the latest developments in case law and the regulatory environment (DOL, IRC), our team’s mission is to be the fiduciary’s choice in the rigorous process of setting fair market value for ESOP purposes. We will work with you on:

  • Preliminary Studies
  • Annual ESOP Valuation Updates
  • Fairness Opinion
  • ESOP Termination

Our team also would be humbled if you come to us seeking our complimentary insights on your current advisor’s appraisal work.[1] Whether you are seeking a new appraisal relationship, or would like to explore a relationship with a new advisor, we’ll tell you what we truly believe whether it leads to a billable relationship or not.

Our Business Valuation Team supports business owners and their advisors with comprehensive, rock solid analysis that substantiates their position and helps achieve their goals.

Have questions? Need advice? Please contact Jesse Gillett, John Sanders, or Jason Pierce at 617-227-6161.

[1]Subject to timing, availability, and other restrictions. Please inquire.