Our healthcare advisors work with physician practices and other physician organizations in a variety of capacities, from providing monthly oversight of your financials to performing day-to-day CFO duties. With Edelstein by your side, you can focus on practicing medicine, rather than worrying about or managing the complexities of your accounting and finances.

We help clients:

  • Improve profitability through revenue analysis and reporting
  • Manage accounts payable and patient refund services
  • Establish banking relationships
  • Manage cash collections
  • Provide financial reporting (P&L, cash flow, budgets etc.)
  • Prepare and monitor budgets
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Prepare taxes and develop strategies to minimize tax liability
  • Conduct tax planning
  • Administer provider compensation
  • Structure retirement planning

To learn more about how we can help, contact Jonathan Gorski at 617-227-6161.