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Technologies for returning to the office

Returning to the office after an extended amount of time out is stressful.  Voicemail, email, meetings, catching up etc. can be a daunting task.  Adding a return to the office during or after a pandemic can only elevate the stress and uncertainty.  During these times, there are technologies available to make returning to work safer for everyone. Our IT Consultants have compiled the following ideas to share with you. We encourage you to connect with them directly to discuss the specific needs of your business during this time.

Open Sesame. New to the market are touch-less kiosks detecting body temperature and facial recognition.  Flexible technology allows you, the employer, to set the parameters for those trying to enter the office.

There IS an APP for that! Apps are available for employers to screen employees for symptoms and set parameters for workplace safety so that their office will limit the exposure to COVID-19 and some other infectious illnesses – all from a Smartphone.

Hold the Door? The idea of grabbing door handles has changed for many since the pandemic.  Voice or “hand wave” activated technologies allow doors to open hands-free limiting the spread of viruses on doors and handles.

Our IT Consultants are ready to work with you to ensure your business is prepared for a safe and smooth return.  Connect with Mike Bisso to create a strategy together.