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Ways We Gave Back This Winter

Our continued community involvement is of utmost importance at Edelstein.  This winter we gave back to a variety of causes by taking part in a number of activities.  Through our partnership with Building Impact, we are able to work on creative projects and expand our understanding of nonprofits throughout the Boston area. Here are the ways we gave back this winter.

January: As you may know, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year.  We are excited to be participating in 5 larger scale community serving events to commemorate one per decade that we have been in business.  In early January we held our first of these five events by hosting a Chop-A-Thon at The Pine Street Inn.  Our group of nearly 30 volunteers peeled, chopped, diced and prepared 1,100 pounds of food to be used for upcoming dinners.  Read more about this event here.

Also in January, we participated in an in office activity of making Valentine’s Day cards for those in elderly living facilities around Boston.  Organizations like Ethos, JCHE and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly work to help combat senior isolation and loneliness.


February: We assembled Mindfulness Art Booklets to provide a creative outlet for homeless adults in the St. Francis House art therapy program.  This nonprofit’s mission is to rebuild the lives of homeless adults through pathways to stability.




March: Before Spring officially began, we honored Earth Day by creating Seedling Kits for children at local Boys and Girls Clubs.  The kits will be used in the STEM education programs to help inner city children experience the plant life cycle first hand.

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