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Webinar Recording: 2021 Healthcare Industry Update: Eliminate Risk & Overcome Challenges

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, Edelstein teamed up with Morrison Mahoney and HUB International for a virtual roundtable. We aimed to educate attendees on what to expect from a legal, accounting, and insurance coverage perspective. Watch the full recording below:


Key questions and talking points are highlighted below with time stamps to those topics.

Jim, as someone who works in the defense of doctors, nurses, etc., you’ve seen firsthand the effect this has had on their practices. Talk a bit about the impact COVID has had on the legal landscape, and in particular the medical malpractice space – have you seen any COVID lawsuits, and if so, what types of cases have you seen?

View the answer here. [2:38]

Jim, working with physicians so intimately, everyone is afraid of litigation in both COVID and non-COVID times, and one of the elements that a plaintiff needs to prove in a malpractice case is causation – something the M.D. or providers failed to do caused the injury or death to the patient. How difficult is that going to be for a plaintiff’s lawyer and is that going to play a role in how much litigation we see come out of this pandemic?

View the answer here. [6:16]

Matt, as an insurance professional, you’ve been analyzing risks and challenges for healthcare practices for over 30 years. Can you provide some insight into the new coverage questions that are making for many sleepless nights for my colleagues and other healthcare administrators?

View the answer here. [8:21]

Jonathan, you’re in the trenches with practices and their financial managers all of the time. Naturally you’re typically thinking in terms of P&L and how to protect revenue streams, but everyone in the industry right now has grown familiar with the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) as one of those methodologies during COVID. Jonathan, please weigh in on two of the other financial protections – the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and HHS grants. 

View the answer here. [15:40]

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare providers are working longer hours, at times with insufficient PPE, put up in hotels, staff from other departments have been covering the emergency department, etc. To what extent do all of these factors taken together diminish or increase risks?

View the answer here. [23:32]

As we see through the COVID haze and look ahead, I want to talk about what healthcare entities and administrators can do to position themselves for future success. What does that look like and what are those opportunities going to be as we move forward? Matt, should healthcare executives expect major changes in their coverage and/or premiums; what should we look forward to in insurance coverage and in healthcare risk management in 2021? 

View the answer here. [27:53]

Patients are eventually going to return to standard litigation. Those who are surviving and thriving are looking for ways to open up new revenue streams; Jonathan, what ancillary service offerings should they still be considering at this time?

View the answer here. [35:17]

Jonathan, I have signed up for the HHS accounting of the two payments we received.  I did this by February 15 and have expended all the funds. It appears they will contact me when the portal opens, is that correct?  Also, I can deduct expenses associated with PPP round 1 payroll, correct. Lastly, COD income is not includible under Section 108 or via some other provision, correct?

View the answer here. [38:02]

Jim, I understand that the courts have been closed to jury trials since the pandemic, when do we expect to see Courts start hearing medical malpractice cases?

View the answer here. [40:38]

Jim, in terms of the virtual trial space, do you think that’s something that will continue post-COVID?

View the answer here. [44:23]

Jim, do you see a difference between immunity provided by Executive Orders vs. Legislation in terms of defending suits in the future?

View the answer here. [46:11]

Jim, Matt and Jonathan – please give one final thought each on what to expect in 2021. 

View the answer here. [48:31]

Contact the Presenters

Jonathan P. Gorski, CPA, MBA

Partner at Edelstein & Company LLP




James A. Bello

Partner and Practice Group Leader – Healthcare and Medical Malpractice at Morrison Mahoney LLP




Matthew P. Newell,  CPCU, ARM, LIA 

Managing Director – Healthcare at HUB International New England, LLC



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